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About Us

Quality, Service, Value, Since 2004.

We treat people well and do things the way they should be done. That's why Ohio trusts us more than any other Glass Block company. We are veteran-owned.

Our Commitment

Our quality standard is simple and uncompromising:
1. If this were my house, how would I want the work to be done?
2. If I were this customer, how would I want to be treated?

We've been in this business nearly 20 years and have served over 30,000 customers in the Cleveland area. Our installers are skilled craftsmen and masons who take pride in their work, every single job. No shortcuts.

Our glass block installations come with a lifetime warranty. We don't try to get out of it, we honor it. Our work is built for life, and we take good care of our customers.

We've been family owned and operated since the beginning.

About Our Windows:

Our windows are made of Seves Glass Block. Which is the world's top glass block manufacturer. We offer multiple patterns for the same fair price. We build windows using clear GE Silicone, which is the strongest in the industry. This is why they don't deteriorate and offer complete air and waterproofing. Our windows are built for life, and we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty.


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