Need a new window cut into your building or foundation? We have the capability and experience to make it happen.

Whether you need to expand an existing window opening or install a cut new window where there was only wall before, and our team can help you bring fresh air and light into your home or commercial building where you need it.

With projects like this, you need a company you can trust with the equipment and skill to get it done right.

Windows made in the USA

Bring the sunlight into your space

Choose the size and location of your window

1-day or 2-day installations for most projects

"The house I brought years back had old original basement glass block windows that probably never been replaced. I had several quotes from different companies and I couldn’t remember if hired GBH at another house and I had many years ago but there price was reasonably lower than the other 4 companies. I had 3 windows on each side of the basement so total of 6. Two were solid up front, next were vented and my last window facing driveway was with the dryer vent. Jason was the installer and been with the company for years and he knew his work. I was very pleased with his performance. I thought there was gonna be a crew out to be done quick but he was the only one and got done quicker than expected. Nice friendly worker and pointed out what he did and what I can do to frame it out when I put the drywall in. I have another single window to do later and definitely will be GBH (Glass Block HQ) to do it. Very happy with the look and quality. And I would recommend this company."

Julio Santiago Sr.
Cleveland, OH

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