Custom Glass Block Projects

If you have a vision with glass block, we can make it happen.

Custom glass block is a versatile and iconic building material for both interior and exterior applications. We have a wide range of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. And we know how to give you the beautiful space you want without headaches or stress.

Made in the USA

Energy efficient

Variety of design options to fit your style

Lifetime warranty

Product Features

We've seen it all, and we've built it all.

Many different colors of glass block available.

Dozens of patterns and shapes to choose from.

Custom projects available for installation or for pickup.

Built to look beautiful, built for life.

We were amazed at how smoothly the entire process went. We were called with a reminder the day before the installation. We did remove pictures from the wall that were near the windows upon recommendation from our initial contact. The installer worked quietly. Everything was cleaned up, debris removed and the washing machine/dryer put back in place. The windows look great, don't know why we waited so long. I would highly recommend Glass Block Headquarters.

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