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Crawl Space Vent Installation

Let's get some fresh air in that crawl space.

Installing a fresh air vent into a crawlspace can make all the difference. The space under your home doesn't have to be musty and moldy. We can install regular fresh-air vents or vents with power exhaust fans.

Crawl space vent installation into an existing opening is easy, but we are also one of the only companies in Ohio who can cut a new opening into your foundation in order to install ventilation where there was none before.

All our vents are made in the USA.

Friendly, convenient, professional service

Variety of vent sizes to fit any opening

Product Features

We've seen it all, and we've done it all.

Clay color or white color vents available.

We do the job the right way.

1-day installation.

A company with a reputation you can count on.

We are amaze at how smoothly the entire process went. We call with a reminder the day before the installation. Remove pictures from the wall that were near the windows upon recommendation from our initial contact. The installer worked quietly. Everything was cleaned up, debris removed and the washing machine/dryer put back in place. The windows look great, don't know why we waited so long. I would highly recommend Glass Block Headquarters.

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