How to Choose Your Windows

Because glass block windows last a lifetime, many of our customers are first-time glass block buyers. There are a couple of choices you will make for your project.

Which pattern of glass?

How many vents, and what type?

Which Glass Block Pattern Suits Your Needs and Style?

All 3 of our most popular patterns are in stock and available at no extra cost.

Custom/Specialty Glass Block Patterns are Also Available.

What Kind of Vents, and How Many?

Fresh-Air Vents

At least 2 vents are required by most building codes, but many homes benefit from increased ventilation.

Available in standard or custom sizes in White or Clay colors.

Power Vents

Available in 1-fan, 2-fan, and 3-fan sizes in White or Clay colors.

Dryer Vents

Called to schedule them to come out to take a look. They came just a few days later, gave us a good price estimate. We agreed on the price and they came 2 days later to complete the job. They were great. Would hire again if we ever need more windows installed.

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